Afterthought to 2020

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  Happy New Year Pals!!!🎊 . I took a really long break to recollect and reflect and pull my spirit together, phew! 2020 was like stepping back and finding no solid ground to land on. Thank God for the end of the year festivities right? We all needed something to remind us of God’s abundant love. And for my readers who are atheists, somehow this past festive season was the universe giving us a break from hell.

   So, I really have no particular topic in mind. I just thought it wise to address everything we never talked about in 2020. So while I cook something little, nice and interesting I need you guys on this one, comment and otherwise. Like it’s a new year and we will be needing each other to get through it💪 . This particular episode of “Let’s Talk Being African” should hopefully keep me away from the almighty writer’s block. I can’t deal with, not this year, Amen!

    Let’s address the ever consistent African readers who find a greater percentage of comfort in foreign books. Guys don’t get me wrong, it’s no crime to love the works of Nora Robert or Linda Goodnight, they are amazing writers with bestselling awards to prove the potency of their craft. But I mean, you’re African and you don’t want to hear the African stories, sounds wrong!! I always advise people to be versatile -having little or enough knowledge about everything. Still I can’t help but wonder how an African can journey to the great beyond without seeing or reading Adichie’s half of a yellow sun [DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE]. Writers like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Sefi Attah, John Munaonye, Helon Habila, Tendai Huchu, to mention but a few are artists whose works Africans should appreciate and cherish. My heart do bleed when I have conversations with people and learn they haven’t made any effort when it comes to giving African books a chance in their library, LIKE SERIOUSLY? Like you need an upgrade ASAP. And of course I will always be here to recommend pretty books to you😁 .

    I tried really hard not to have the pedophile conversation on this platform last year because the rate of disgust it gives me leaves a bile like taste in my mouth for days. But this New Year a girl of fourteen years, though not family came to me with the most irritating news about an older guy grabbing her boobs. On impulse I had to look up (I was sitting) to see the boobs in question. What I couldn’t understand and will never cease to ask is WHY? Why a minor? What does it for you? Is it their tiny legs? Or their innocence? Or maybe their school uniforms? Pedophiles are not just pervs, they are heartless Rapists and Abusers without human conscience or fear of God. Like do they even for once think about the million things that could go wrong in the victims life? However, the most annoying set of persons are the apologists and the ones who say nothing. doesn’t concern me, doesn’t affect person way I know. LMAO, one day it won’t just affect Someone you know, it will come knocking on your own door. It’s only right to wear a person’s shoe if you want to understand how much or where it hurts. Honestly we all know what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s really sad that most of us need to be reminded to do the right thing.


 Looking Back, I don’t understand why the male gender is trying so hard to paint feminists black. So there’s this picture going viral on Twitter, I’m pretty sure we have all seen it. In this country everything nah cruise? It is quite appalling when some senseless set of persons from my gender join in singing negative choruses about feminists. Like have you met and actual feminist? Not everyone out there understand what these strong women are fighting for. Some women parading themselves on social media as feminists are clout chasers so please do not judge the act of feminism based on tweets by social media wannabes. Imagine a lady shading a woman for having a female house help. This girl in question doesn’t lack anything in her Bosses’ house o, education – check!, Good clothes – check! So aunty I don’t understand, is it that your definition of feminism includes dragging every woman on social media or were you just born dumb😏 .

    I know for a fact that 80% of the male gender will never understand what feminism is all about especially the Igbos, oh! how they love authocracy. Their ego and thirst for power is unquenchable. I am proud to say that one of the good things 2020 did for me was sending a really thoughtful feminist my way. From her I learnt that misogynists are never in our inbox or comment section to learn and grow. They just wear you out, burn your energy and move on to the next available comment section. Crazys!!!

 I’m super super relieved, whoa!! I had a blast writing this episode, it helped me get things off my chest, ya. Happy 2021 LOVES😍😍 . Let’s do this again.

5 thoughts on “Afterthought to 2020”

  1. The issue of abuse and rape disgusts me equally.

    Anyways please recommend two African novels n I just followed the link and I saw the movie half of a yellow sun. God the goosebumps and unaware tears. It was something else entirely.

  2. Sorry for the delay hun, my phone is nuts.
    Since you loved Adichie’s movie I recommend you read
    Amercanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and
    Oil on water by Helon Habila

  3. I think there are angles to the example u gave about a lady shading a woman on Twitter for having a girl maid.

    First angle, let’s not forget that child labour is low-key slavery.
    People take this kids in and feed them or send them to school in exchange for labor.
    Second angle, women mostly 90% find it hard to treat another’s child as they treat theirs. There’s always preference.

    Like there’s lots of angles to it so I am solid behind this lady for shading that woman but I do agree with you that not every girl who parades herself on social media as a feminist understands what it’s all about. Some just want to belong.

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